The real power of project controls 

lies in the integrated approach to 

manage its knowledge areas.

True Cost of Project Delay

For major capital expenditure projects, every day late equates to thousands of dollars lost. In fact, for an average size project, even a 10 percent overrun can lead to a $5 million hit to project profitability. Extrapolate this out to the average 20 percent to 30...

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When Experts meet Technology

Ingeniva has a focus to improve project management best practices to create maximal benefits for a project. Our team of consultants are experts in project controls and unquestionably we provide satisfying results. We realize that analysis can be improved further....

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What-If Scenarios

Anything can happen in project management. The unexpected situations does not only catch the project team off-guard but it also affects the entire project processes. The what-if scenario analysis is a project management process that evaluates different scenarios to...

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