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Established over a decade ago, Ingeniva has been a trusted provider of project controls services across various industries. Our dedicated team of Project Controls engineers and consultants has been assisting clients in effectively managing their projects from initiation to completion. We understand the importance of focus in delivering exceptional service, which is why we specialize in Project Controls to offer tailored advice based on the unique requirements of your project. 


Our team is highly skilled in data gathering, management, and analytical methods that play a crucial role in planning, analyzing, forecasting, and controlling projects. Whether you need project scheduling, cost management, or both, we have the expertise and experience to provide the necessary services for your project’s success. With an extensive range of tools and resources at our disposal, we are committed to helping you reduce risks and achieve efficient schedule and cost management. 


At Ingeniva, we prioritize your project’s needs and aim to deliver impeccable support throughout its lifecycle. We believe that effective Project Controls are essential for minimizing risks and maximizing project outcomes. Feel free to discuss your project with us and let our experienced team guide you towards successful project management. 

“Focus is the key

to our service”

Focus is the key to our service. Our specialisation in Project Controls ensures that all our Project Controls engineers and consultants can assist you with the best advice. And all this completely customised, depending on the sort of project you want to manage.

Our specialised team is trained to provide data gathering, management and analytical methods that are crucial in planning, analysing, forecasting and controlling projects. You can count on us when it comes to providing your project scheduling and cost services that are necessary for project success. With over a decade of experience and all the necessary tools and resources at our disposal, we are confident we can help you reduce risks and better manage schedule and cost on your project.

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“We are happy to help our clients to select and implement the tools that have the best fit for purpose”

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