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Project Controls Services

Deployment of Qualified Staff

INGENIVA project controls is a team of experts who are capable of determining the level of control your project needs. We consider project complexity, organisational maturity, team experience and cost procedures as factors.

To ensure the work is proceeding according to plan, our project controls consultants continuously assess the data and determine corrective action whenever necessary. We listen to your needs to proactively control costs, schedules, risks and the scope of work to ensure quality outcome.


Planning & Schedule Management

Our Project Controls Engineers partner with you to determine the level of detail that your project needs. We help you to identify the planning development and planning output & deliverables. Additionally, the planning process provides the underlying, fundamental data for schedule development.

Our planning strategy shows that

  • All scope of work and stakeholder constraints have been scheduled.
  • Critical path has been correctly identified based on adequate logic.

Our Project Controls Engineers partner with you to implement the best practices related to schedule development, maintenance and control. We promote continuous schedule awareness by including schedule review and discussion at every team meeting to reinforce their deliverables and responsibilities.

Our schedule strategy shows

  • That the schedule can be accomplished and measured.
  • That schedule slippage is identified easily and at an early stage.
  • The Schedule baseline as the framework for all progress and measurement evaluation.


      Contract Management

      Our Contract Managers work closely with you in the process of organizing and managing the lifecycle of a contract, from creation to close-out.

      Our contract management services include the following

      • Managing Tendering process.
      • Strategic negotiations and review.
      • Analyse and report on specific risks (e.g. commercial, contractual, operational, financial, reputational, ethical, supply chain, etc.) associated with contracts.
      • Maintains the integrity of contract information and co-ordinates all aspects of the contract administration process, in accordance with approved contract management plans and procedures, to meet organisational needs.
      Cost Estimating & Management

      An estimate predicts the quantities and prices for the resources required. Our estimating experts will help you to make accurate cost estimates based on the engineering and procurement data available.

      Effective cost management involves the establishment of an achievable, realistic project budget and the application of cost management tools and techniques to ensure the project is planned, designed, procured and constructed to that budget.


      Risk Management

      The first step in an effective risk management strategy is to acknowledge that the potential for risk consequences cannot be eliminated, only mitigated. Our risk management consultants identify and evaluate project risk, manage risk registers, facilitate qualitative risk assessments, conduct quantitative risk analyses and develop risk mitigation strategies.



      PMO - Project Management Office

      A project management office (PMO) is a strategic component of an organization trying to improve its ability to deliver projects that bring value to the organization. Historically, the process of starting a formal PMO has been assigned to different entities, depending on the scope of the office. However, it is always a challenge to start from scratch. 

      A PMO will improve the quality, governance and the successful delivery of your projects within your organisation. 

      At INGENIVA, we support our clients with the establishment and enhancement of their PMOs, through the development and deployment of all the requisite components: 

      1. Methodology
      2. Processes
      3. Governance
      4. Templates
      5. Playbooks and process Narratives
      6. Training
      7. Coaching
      8. Role Definition
      9. Organizational Structures and integration
      10. Project Management Information Systems (PMIS)
      11. Organizational Enablers




        Strategy & Advisory Consulting

        Ingeniva can help develop Critical Path Method (CPM) schedules, project cost controls & accounting systems, change order processes, and other controls. Our consultants can assess the reasonableness of existing controls at any point during the project life cycle against industry best practices. They provide ongoing project management support, including time and cost management, Earned Value Management System (EVMS) implementation, and other state-of-the-art project controls services.


        The health check is a reflective learning exercise, a snapshot of the status of a project or programme, in order to identify what is going well and what areas need to be improved. Our consultants formulate a comprehensive roadmap that leads to the proposed improvements. This second opinion of a knowledgeable third party is often seen as refreshing, and empowers the project team to look at their current practices from a third person’s point of view.

        The purpose of the check is to obtain an independent assessment of the project or programme’s performance in reaching its objectives, and its adherence to organisational/industrial project management processes and standards

        Software Solutions

        Best in Class Project Management Tools


        Ingeniva acquired a reputation for delivering high-quality Oracle Primavera product expertise and solutions for many organisations, in the Engineering and Construction, Aerospace, Defence, Energy, Infrastructure, Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Transport and Utilities industries in Belgium and Europe.


        The consultancy focus areas for which we are mainly recognised are… 

        • Oracle Primavera product implementations
        • Integrating Oracle Primavera products with ERP and/or financial systems
        • Development of project and programme performance KPI reporting
        • Implementation of best of breed solution in the domain of project controls such as Tilos, Microsoft Project and Deltek Fuse
        • Project Controls ‘health check’ audits/reviews


        A typical Oracle Primavera product implementation lead by Ingeniva comprises…

        • innovative solution design
        • software installation, configuration and customisation
        • integration and interface development
        • deployment


          Oracle Primavera tools are not “plug ‘n’ play” software products, and successful deployments require in-depth product knowledge and competence. The expertise of our specialists has been assessed by Oracle, resulting in Ingeniva achieving Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM and Oracle Cloud Specialisations.

          Our certified Oracle Primavera specialists have evolved a proven approach that draws from their experiences of deploying Oracle Primavera products in many organisations across a variety of industries.


          Broadly, this comprises six steps which we tailor to suit your needs and minimise risk…

          • Discovery. We gather and analyse information about implementation objectives and scope, success criteria, resources, constraints, processes, interfaces and change impact.
          • Solution Design. We produce, and agree with you, a design specification covering software installation, product configuration and customisation, data structures, performance reporting, operational procedures and interfaces with other systems.
          • Build. We complete software server installation and construct and test customised prototype solutions, often adopting an agile approach and comprising a series of ‘sprints’, that conform to the design specification, using your data.
          • Pilot Trial. We conduct a user acceptance trial using a representative subset of your production data and mix of your users, and assess process fit.
          • Deployment. We extend the pilot trial to encompass all users, including installing software on client PCs, comprehensive training, data migration and ‘go live’ support.
          • Closure. We review the implementation programme with you to confirm that all objectives have been achieved, success criteria have been met and to identify further requirements


            Expert Guidance in Project Controls

            We help you enhance your Project Controls knowledge and skills through our Training courses, Resources, and Expert Guidance in Project Controls.

            Ingeniva is your partner in project controls across Europe for those who would like to benefit from the highest quality project controls training courses, resources and best practices. Whether you are completely new to Project Controls, an experienced Project Controller, a Project Manager, a Leader, an Executive or a regular employee, we will help you get the Project Controls education you need to succeed in your career.

            About our Academy

            All of our training courses are specially designed by Ingeniva consultants who understand precisely what challenges you face in day-to-day business. Our courses are designed to equip you and your staff with a range of skills and knowledge to make the best use of Project Controls and Contract Management Techniques.


            OUR Training cources

            • Primavera P6 Professional
            • Primavera Cloud
            • Primavera P6 Advanced
            • Microsoft Project
            • Tilos
            • Contract Management the basics
            • FIDIC
            • Earned Value Management
            • Project Risk Management

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