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Acumen Fuse is a metric analysis and visualization tool that assesses quality of schedules, accuracy of cost forecasts, realism of risk models, earned value and project performance. 

More than just a schedule analyzer, Fuse uses libraries of metrics to provide a unique insight into how to improve project plans and execution strategies. 

What has typically taken schedulers and project managers days to achieve is now easily and repeatedly done in minutes.  Quickly pinpoint problematic areas and activities within a project and let Fuse provide solutions for resolution.

Schedule Review and Critique

Eliminate costly scheduling errors and shortcomings and improve the maturity of your schedule, ensuring a more accurate and realistic basis on which to plan and execute your project.

Schedule Acceleration

Quickly identify areas of concern within a project before issues and schedule delays occur.  Use an Acumen Fuse Path Analysis to determine which paths to accelerate and which activities to focus on giving the biggest benefit for acceleration.

Cost Reduction

Determine where project cost overruns are happening and more importantly, why.  Use the project scorecard for insight into how poor scheduling and risk contribute to cost overruns.

Risk Mitigation

Reduce risk exposure by pinpointing specific periods of time, activities, and disciplines that cause unacceptably high risk exposure.  Reduce both cost and schedule risk.

Performance Tracking

Visualize project performance from planning to execution to project closeout.  Compare current project snapshots to past and future plans.

Forensic Analysis

Quickly identify changes and updates to multiple versions or snapshots of a project with the Acumen Fuse Forensic Analyzer.

Portfolio Assessment

Analyze and compare multiple projects and programs within a portfolio.  Running an Acumen Fuse portfolio assessment provides great insight into the cumulative effect and impact of a single project on an entire portfolio.



Build a great schedule, identify and manage the risks and accelerate completion dates to meet critical deliveries. The Acumen tool suite takes project analysis beyond a simple checklist and resolves project shortcomings in minutes with Acumen Fuse. For risk managements and analytics, Acumen Risk eliminates the statistical and logical challenges of your typical risk models. Acumen 360 supports completing your projects faster to meet customer and contractual driven requirements by evaluating schedule scenarios utilizing an interactive acceleration engine.

Acumen FUSE

For project professionals who need schedule management to improve project succes, Acumen FUSE helpts analyze schedule and cost data to create the best schedules and most accurate costestimates possible. Built-in project intelligence and maturity framework help score quality and identify areas for improvement to ensure project plans are structurally sound, realistic, and optimized.

project diagnostics
  • Obtain schedule quality scores for thousands of activities to identify areas for improvement and help avoid delays, cut costs, and measure performance.
  • Overlay your costs date to ensure schedule alignment.
  • Monitor project performance againt plan and take corrective actions.
  • Schedule maturity framework provides a structured and repeatable approach to help produce structurally sound, realistic, and optimized.
Configurable Metrics and Summaries
  • Includes more than 500 configurable metrics for project schedule and cost analysis, including industry standard metrics for schedule quality, performance and compliance.
  • Summarize results and publish configurable reports, charts, graphs for executive briefings.
  • Metric views can be tailored and grouped by any attribute and then reported back to the team.
Import and analysis
  • Easily imports numerous types of project schedule and cost data for analysis, including Cobra and IPMDAR CPD.
  • Quickly identifies what is changing in project with forensic comparisons.
  • Identify and remove redundancies to improve schedule quality.
  • Built in support for required or recommended oversight standards.
  • Supports compliance reporting with DCMA, DOE, GAO, NASA and other industry metrics.
  • Supports reading IPMDAR SPD and CPD formats for analysis.
  • Supports reading native data and writing IPMDAR SPD and CPD formats submittal.
  • Hierarchical reporting accommodates planners, schedulers and executive needs.
  • Drill down through multiple levels or by any other code or user field to quickly pinpoint potential issues with your schedule and costestimates.
  • Tailor reports to fit your audience and information.


Acumen Risk 360 

For project professionals who need to reduce risk and improvement schedule quality, Acumen Risk 360 helps identify and mitigate schedule and cost risk to create the soundest schedules and most accurate cost estimate possible. They allow you to account for and proactively reduce risk exposure for an accurate, reliable forecast and the generate reliable schedule scenarios to identify acceleration opportunities and help select the best path for an earlier project completion.

Risk modelling

Acumen Risk easily links schedule risk to cost risk to determine the impact of schedule delays on project cost estimates.

  • True cost/schedule risk analysis.
  • Use cost loaded schedules or independent schedule and cost models.
  • Risk register maps events (threats and opportunities) to the activities they affect for true insight into impact on the schedule.
  • Risk Advisor recommends uncertainty settings for project activities to help fasttrack risk loading.
Optimization Modeling

Acumen 360 provides standard and customacceleration scripts.

  • Calibrate duration by interactively accelerating activities, groups of activities, or the entire project schedule, in real time.
  • Complete customization, including acceleration rates and compression order.
  • Target specific areas for acceleration and set the limits for reducing durations.
  • Filter out project areas that cannot be accelerated.
Risk Analysis

Acumen Risk identifies risks that need attention.

  • Analyze with uncertainty, uncertainty + risks, or uncertainty + risks + mitigations to compare results.
  • Develop mitigation plans and run mitigation analysis to determine if their benefit outweighs their cost.
  • Create risk adjusted schedule scenarios to export back to your scheduling tool.
Improve project execution

Acumen 360 makes the task of accelerating a schedule less difficult and time consuming.

  • Generate scenarios to keep projects moving forward.
  • Create multiple versions of schedules to weigh different options and choose the best one.
  • Report on proposed acceleration by responsible person.
  • Defendable results with databacked information.
Risk Reports

Acumen Risk provides a wide range of meaningful, easy to understand reports that can be run at any level of the project.

  • Risk Exposure with contingency.
  • Risk Drivers by activities or events.
  • Probalistic Critical Path reporting.
  • Risk Sensitivity (JCL)
  • Executive Briefing narrative reports of results.
  • Comparison of different models in most reports.

Acumen Suite

Schedule quality and risk management

  • Test, analyze and report on schedule quality
  • Forensic comparisons
  • Track all DECM metrics for DCMA compliance
  • Link schedule risk and cost risk and model and analyze uncertainty
  • Generate optimization scenarios with acceleration scripts

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