Oracle Primavera Cloud Service is a complete, cloud-first success platform for all stages of the project lifecycle. It empowers executives, project managers, and field professionals to deliver project – from inception through completion – more efficiently, consistently, and with greater confidence. Real- time visibility into project cost, schedule, risk and performance information – delivered through powerful and flexible dashboards and reports – enables project managers and stakeholders to make the right decisions at the right time. Native social collaboration, including discussion capabilities, allows project teams to communicate and collaborate effectively for more precise project planning, monitoring, and execution.




Oracle Portfolio Cloud provides a portfolio-based view of project information, including the proposed project pipeline, estimated budgets, capital spend, and fund allocation requirements. Portfolio managers can evaluate scenarios and arrive at an optimal plan to allocate financial budgets and other resources across multiple projects that are in-line with strategic goals. In addition, users can monitor portfolio health, track performance, and balance portfolios via alignment with corporate strategic goals.


Oracle Portfolio Cloud portfolio management capability provides comprehensive, long-range tools for capital planning and budget approval across project portfolios. Configurable performance scorecards monitor the lifecycle of portfolios based on key metrics and enables portfolio planners, executives, stakeholders, and project managers to propose, inventory, prioritize, and select projects in a collaborative fashion and take corrective action when necessary. 





 Project planning and scheduling are key elements of effective project management. A well-developed project schedule allows project managers to manage project milestones, deliverables, and timelines effectively.


 Primavera Schedule is a cloud-based solution that is integrated with other Oracle Primavera Cloud modules to provide a complete project management solution.



 Interactive Gantt charts allow planners, schedulers, and project managers to communicate a more accurate and complete graphical representation of a project’s schedule in real time. The system also enables users to track project scope and resource assignment and proactively perform resource and role leveling.




Oracle Primavera Schedule Cloud Service allows project managers to manage hierarchy-based resources and roles per project. Organizations also can choose to manage these roles and resources at an enterprise level and allow project managers to utilize them on need basis at project level.


 Resources and roles can be assigned to activities as part of resource assignment capabilities, allowing project managers to resource load the project schedule.


 Resource Analysis can be performed to determine over and underutilization of both resources and roles. Visual representation of resource and role assignment analysis in the form of histograms will allow project managers to determine where resources are under or over utilized. 



Leveling can be performed on resource assignment to balance out resource or role assignment to minimize over or under utilization.




Risk Management provides the necessary tools that allow project professionals to manage risk easily and successfully. Features include: 


  • Risk register to view and prioritize project risk.
  • Tools to define risk thresholds and scoring matrices for qualitative analysis